Thursday, February 6, 2014

'The Best Birthday Ever!'

Well, technically, Just Son didn't actually say it was the "best birthday ever." He did, however, say that he really enjoyed his birthday.

His day started with a visit to Bosco's house before school. We spent about 15 minutes there visiting our friend's cat.

 photo 0e03a4c0-2334-4b61-99e2-43c031189ebf_zps41ad7ea0.jpg

Bosco was happy to see us. ;-)

 photo fc503088-7294-4f84-b23a-b80c37c5aeb4_zps01d0ff7a.jpg

While JS was at school, I was busy baking his birthday cake. Yes, I carried over the "theme" of JS's cupcakes. I put "theme" in quotes because those are the sprinkles that came with the container of blue frosting that I bought from the store. I added chocolate sprinkles. Does that make it semi-homemade? ;-)

 photo abf84bd6-fd32-4e5f-b5e7-ba4e8d1a01e6_zps7b5f6897.jpg

Here's the finished cake, waiting for JS.

 photo 57d052db-1147-4fa0-95ed-fffdd4fc77b2_zpse6620730.jpg

Here's JS, waiting for his dad to come home from work so he can dig in to the cake.

 photo a1f597e0-bdbf-4d64-b05f-3bfc11544d1b_zpsea20868b.jpg

A close-up of the candy/Mt. Dew birthday bouquet from JS's godmother.

 photo b105112e-bcac-4792-837e-a1fd8a95bde9_zps7824a31c.jpg

When Dad came home, it was time to light the candles and sing.

 photo 089bf67e-39f3-46e1-aa39-2c78ce3b7694_zpsdf076c9b.jpg

Make a wish, and ....

 photo 95413d34-6b4a-4143-8336-f3bdc769efbd_zps9c35ba8e.jpg

... blow.

Yes, there was cake before supper. :-)

 photo 6d28a42f-81cf-451e-9475-9be663ffdca9_zps87b99b02.jpg

And there was supper after cake. ;-)  JS requested his favorite: cheese enchiladas with green sauce.

 photo 2ed0be54-8575-49dd-9ae9-4634f4d36883_zpsc9eb1691.jpg

JS's birthday loot. The Green Eggs & Ham DVD is from his teacher; the puzzle and the Rise of the Guardians books are from my parents; the Lego set is from Just Dad's parents; and the Air Buddies movie is from my sister. The Dr. Seuss puzzles we got for him aren't shown.

Oh! All the presents in the background are games and toys he got for Christmas. He's slowly making his way to playing with them. This could take all year... ;-)

 photo ac58880a-01fd-476b-a06e-b922c30c3094_zps4b0f0ed5.jpg

See? It was a very good birthday.

Which is good because today ...

 photo 259c9491-427a-408e-a6b8-9b61abb254a4_zpsf608340e.jpg

... I had to pick him up from school early because he got sick.

Happy 11th birthday, Buddy!

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Mari said...

Awww - I'm sorry he's sick. It looks like a very good birthday and I'm glad he enjoyed it.

Momma Roar said...

Such a cutie! Sorry he wasn't feeling great on his big day!