Friday, August 1, 2014

Of Trees And Dr. Seuss

 photo 15f32d0a-308b-4dbb-9ef0-8183b150a5a9_zpsc7893cfe.jpg
To say Just Son is a Dr. Seuss fan would be an understatement. He's been a fan of Seuss characters since before Halloween 2010 when he dressed up as The Cat in the Hat. So when I saw that the World Forestry Center in Portland had an exhibit of Dr. Seuss's art, I knew it would be something JS would want to see.

 photo 239edd2b-783d-42df-a55c-1536fef22df1_zps07c5a7da.jpg
And by the look on his face when he saw the Cat at the entrance, I was right. :-)

 photo 0c7b9abf-26bb-4e13-8a92-2b4934af86c1_zpsf13c0410.jpg
JS and his dad make a beeline for the exhibit, which was located on the second floor of the Forestry Center.

 photo ea1877ed-eb7f-4a2e-a14f-ff7e4797e1cf_zps1d27045b.jpg
JS points out what looked like "angry cat eyes" to him on this photo of Theodor Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss) at work.

 photo 50522f1b-10c6-418e-be0e-1319f86cab62_zpsbd796f96.jpg
He liked this cat better. That's Dr. Seuss's "Joseph Katz and His Coat of Many Colors. It's Seuss's imagining of the Bible story. The quote under the painting says, "If you don't get imagination as a child, you probably never will."

 photo c444446b-cb7b-4f59-89bb-d28b9db4f20a_zps8c1cdea1.jpg
JS and JD look for the speck on the clover that Horton is holding.

 photo e60bbbcc-a1c6-4cb9-b307-aa17e21c79a1_zpsfe57358c.jpg
The two discover The Lorax, the star of the show at the Forestry Center. ;-)

 photo 4d90780c-3b78-43c5-ad2a-c904fc38b1b9_zps98f86159.jpg
The kid and The Lorax.

 photo f738b94f-8c55-42cc-ad9f-fb3f8f27ec40_zps19ba94dd.jpg
JD and JS look at some of the sculptures that are part of Dr. Seuss's "Unorthodox Taxidermy" collection.

 photo 78d665b2-bd93-4aad-b104-d0e03f897352_zps24cf2a41.jpg
JS and my favorite Seuss character, the Grinch. :-)

After walking through the art exhibit, we spent some time at the interactive stations at the Forestry Center. JS made a beeline for the "Take Me to the Top" canopy lift ride.

 photo 6e4d116d-5b5c-4e6e-8962-e528e00afeeb_zps89db0d15.jpg
The ride goes up 55 feet. I was perfectly happy taking photos from the second floor of the Forestry Center.

 photo 9a8e325b-4eaf-412b-b86a-dd6f35bd377c_zpsbb75cc73.jpg
JD and JS approach the second floor.

 photo 47b2096b-09df-48d9-9df5-1bc40bfdaafb_zps3f10dad1.jpg
The guys on their way to the top.

 photo 9335ef6c-4688-4863-877a-2e68ca03d177_zpsc3b27d70.jpg
Way up high and having fun. *gulp*

 photo d2ce04e7-ce01-4e77-8bcb-9171c3cc147d_zps99f63da7.jpg
When the two came back down, JS played in the Timberjack Harvestor Simulator.

 photo 690965ef-d2b9-4b45-87b5-b060fb981348_zps78d51d4c.jpg
JS and his dad learn how to count the rings on this tree.

 photo b328da15-d94b-49f4-a392-06e048aea201_zps2560d0f5.jpg
Another view of the cross-section of the tree.

After a quick walk-thru of the gift store, it was time to leave.

 photo 7a243a04-8d64-48d6-9341-928842a389b0_zps1e5a0e5e.jpg
It was a good day.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In Which He Faces His Fear And Has Fun

By the time you read this post, Just Family will be starting Part 2 of its Summer 2014 Vacation Extravaganza. But before we say "Good Bye" to Paradise, and "Hello" to the Pacific Northwest, I thought I'd show you what became Just Son's favorite thing to do while staying with my parents in Hawaii: visit the neighbors.

I don't mean the children down the hill who befriended him, although JS did play with Ethan and Alissa when they were home. I mean our family friends next door, who happen to own three dogs.

For most people, having a child who loves to play with dogs isn't anything to write home about. But for parents of a child who fears dogs because of their barks (hearing sensitivity, remember?), having that child confront his fear -- and have fun -- is most definitely blog worthy.

So let's meet the cast of characters whom JS looked forward to seeing every day:

 photo bd9d9951-3106-4e70-a64e-48e1424f67d5_zps1e31bd10.jpg
First up is Bambi, a tiny bulldog mix pup. She is very protective of her toys, but likes you to play with her.

 photo 83a86c12-8ece-4d09-90c4-98aa7ca3c251_zps3050ebe5.jpg
Next, meet Penny. This black lab is the oldest of the three dogs and has a hard time walking, but she does her best to keep up with Bambi and the newest addition to the family:

 photo a0f9b1fd-8fe3-48ff-8476-f44b8c7f4262_zps21d54b59.jpg
Derby, a very friendly golden retriever who likes to play fetch.

 photo 61018c85-2e43-4c0b-aa4a-3d9adda8edf4_zps99de5d07.jpg
See what I mean? (That's Just Dad playing with Bijou, another small bulldog mix pup who belongs to the neighbors' grandchildren.)

 photo 15dacf8a-9080-4977-9cd6-8bafcd5f42cd_zps32218d9d.jpg
JS and Derby kind of became best buddies. And even though all three dogs barked once in a while, JS learned how to cope with that and approach them so they would stop.

 photo 89a21afc-6da5-4cd3-9659-36d0c293baa9_zps79788176.jpg
Sure, he was nervous, but the fact that he tried really makes me proud.

 photo d52c23ea-9d41-432a-8ca7-b446ddaea508_zps6f63f4b4.jpg
I think they're going to miss each other a lot.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Breakfast With A Couple of Mice And Their Friend

Four years ago when we visited Disneyland, we dined at Goofy's Kitchen and had a blast. Because Just Son is now 11 1/2 -- and because we have no idea how much longer he'll let us embarrass him by taking him to such places ;-) -- we decided to dine at Disney's Aulani Resort on our last full day in Hawaii.

We got to the hotel a little earlier than our reservation Monday morning for the Disney character breakfast, so we walked around the facility.

 photo e425da5c-c811-4c4f-ad10-884699cb2673_zps066fbba1.jpg

JS takes in his surroundings..

 photo 3e98f140-436a-4be6-8472-b7bca6ec3175_zps26a72456.jpg

... and spots Mickey Mouse.

 photo b3d1b6cd-ce57-463a-b508-700dec83148f_zps2e96ee00.jpg

Mom and son selfie.

 photo ff0da328-6ad0-45fe-8e0a-9c4c6ce8fd3c_zps7a48163a.jpg

"No more pictures, Mom!"

 photo cae15a41-0f22-43ed-abd8-9c5c54bf18eb_zpsb9091cea.jpg

"I don't think so, son." ;-)

We finally met Mickey right before entering the Makahiki dining area for the Disney Character breakfast. Some friendly staff, including a photographer, were helping Mickey as he posed with family after family for photos. Yes, Just Family stood in that photo line. You'll have to wait until after we get home so I can scan it in to my computer and upload it on to the blog.

 photo b21e1e51-5599-4a9e-9ba6-1d1420b86464_zps40898dcd.jpg

This is the view I had from where we were seated.

 photo dd6e8452-43da-4b5f-ae14-5c119169a732_zpsed7e17e6.jpg

We were seated outdoors, under a large umbrella, and near some colorful koi fish.

 photo a413ed16-c9f5-49c3-a01f-bf567774703d_zps98b5bbd8.jpg

JS was happy. He had to wear his ear buds because of the live entertainment provided by "Aunty," who sang songs and led the children in "march with Minnie" activities.

 photo bbb7b011-e76b-4065-ac5c-114c56e85bbf_zpsfde47f0a.jpg

What JS selected for breakfast from the buffet.

 photo e6a49925-37b9-4eab-b24a-97a8a6e6691c_zpse7680c69.jpg

JS gets a visit from Minnie Mouse...

 photo 19f4f013-693b-4c99-b861-ae3f75a5a7f2_zps66ab2cc5.jpg

... and Goofy, who was interested in the movie JS was watching on his iPad. (It was "Horton Hears A Who," by the way.)

 photo 38f18cdb-9730-4268-b359-44b5ca3b6f1f_zps402226f8.jpg

This mini red velvet cake was a surprise that the waiter brought to our table.

 photo 5209b36f-3fc9-42a9-8e7d-47587ec4c5b4_zpsfd3558f5.jpg

JS thought it was excellent.

When JD made the reservation Friday (our anniversary), the hostess asked if anyone would be celebrating a birthday or anniversary the day we would be at the character breakfast. JD told them we would be there after our actual anniversary. The hostess must have made a note of it anyway. YAY! :-)

And after one last photo with Minnie...
 photo d8575a0c-6cd6-4e8d-939f-27ceb4a0ac7c_zps85fd6e8d.jpg

... we headed back to my parents' house to start packing.

What a vacation this has been -- and we still have Oregon to go. :-)

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Just Anniversary

(a.k.a. A two-part anniversary celebration)

There are so many reasons why I prefer to visit my parents in Hawaii in July. First of all, we're more likely to avoid the kind of weather delays and headaches we experienced when traveling here during the winter months. (Anyone remember December 2006 and 2008?) Second, we can stay as long as we like without worrying about Just Son missing school. But the best reason? JD and I get to celebrate our wedding anniversary here, something we realize many people can only dream they'd be able to do. 

As their gift to us, my parents took us all out Thursday to my favorite restaurant on O'ahu:

 photo da1b3979-b0d2-49e8-a61a-84e6105aab79_zpseac405ce.jpg
(You can read more about the restaurant at the Halekulani Hotel here.)

Both JD and I love to come here at least once when we visit. I know I've shared photos from our trips here before, but I'm going to do it again. ;-)

 photo 440de2f7-e2e8-4103-b46d-34b48da436d2_zpsac85656e.jpg
Just Son with Just Grandparents, waiting to be seated at a table. JS has been using those ear buds a lot this trip when he isn't sure how loud a new situation will be. 

He eventually took out the ear buds when he decided the sound level at the open air restaurant wouldn't be too overwhelming for him.
 photo c5fcf1d8-e2a6-416c-9129-67ff710d70e3_zps09493db3.jpg

When I'm at House Without A Key, I love to take random photos.

 photo c5664395-906d-4234-992f-3586fdf54220_zpsa1e6a84e.jpg
A boat off in the distance.

 photo ef365cf7-300c-4461-be37-726ca4c5790a_zps432d4e10.jpg
Entertainment, with Waikiki Beach in the background.

 photo 1c708a54-c854-4ee3-ab20-fed3325dcd0d_zps40fc51f8.jpg
The bread basket. ;-)

It was around this time that Santa visited. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone dressed as Santa walked along Waikiki Beach and waved to everyone in sight. Unfortunately I couldn't get to my camera in time to snap a quick photo. You'll have to take my word for it. 

 photo 556f8e9c-6693-45d6-9fe2-7b265e23b49d_zps0c5f32da.jpg
I did get this lovely shot of Diamond Head in silhouette, however. ;-)

 photo f0ee0fd8-46b0-4c06-812c-8a053ca8f55c_zps8c3c536d.jpg
In spite of Santa's attempt to steal the spotlight from the entertainers -- not once, but twice ...

 photo f8912edd-9c35-4d22-8d42-b0d8a1b9e21e_zpse7ade0cd.jpg
...  -- the show went on.

And the dinner arrrived:
 photo fc4fe15c-c613-4876-9e02-0de3044dc3bf_zps1068c111.jpg
Grilled fish for mom and me,

 photo 1783bebf-b7a8-4804-8cea-74d93699ee8d_zps9f67f5a5.jpg
ribs for JD,

 photo d361912e-650e-4c1c-a58f-5627aa4dd805_zpsdb3b29cb.jpg
chicken for Just Grandpa,

 photo 4396c218-e997-4191-afaf-5e37c3dd1bd9_zpsdbcf290b.jpg
and mac-n-cheese for JS.

 photo 3f5e6bc8-8615-4b13-b0d5-afaa383972b2_zps0f3e31cc.jpg
Oh! And there was dessert.

On Friday, our anniversary, JD and I celebrated...

 photo 78d32726-ecfc-4026-9a7a-3dc3e8b04377_zps4b7b3f23.jpg
...  by going to our second-favorite restaurant in Waikiki.

I, of course, took random photos:

 photo c7888285-6b13-4f2c-91af-335093c686e3_zpsaf2b5a14.jpg
my passion fruit martini, 

 photo 3f71c41d-4c64-4a83-a296-0dabdbd162ed_zps125c36f6.jpg
my shrimp scampi, 

 photo e11aaf34-5d6f-4aec-b5c3-3f9bd5122036_zps7302256c.jpg
and JD's Thai chicken and shrimp.

By this time, my hubby was starting to get a little embarassed by the number of photos I was taking with my phone (especially because two couples were eventually seated on either side of us).
 photo 4fa4ebf0-f2ac-4125-87ae-899e28201b20_zps1b374c75.jpg
So of course I took a photo of him...

 photo 27a4f0e7-1f57-46b4-b6da-7d329b75d2a5_zps22494f77.jpg
... and made him take a photo of me.

I've been a blogger for eight years. What do you expect? ;-)

I finally did put down my phone, and we talked about what couples with children often talk about: their child.

We also struck up a conversation with a young couple from Australia who were seated next to us. Hi, Reece and Angie! ;-)  

When it was time for dessert, JD and I decided to just share one. He wanted a berry cheesecake, but I wanted something chocolaty, so we compromised: chocolate-raspberry truffle cheesecake.
 photo afe5e809-a2ee-475a-a7c2-290a71507fcf_zps2be6297e.jpg
 It was so good that we decided to box a second one to take home to JS.

After all that food, JD and I decided to take a stroll.

 photo d12b3bce-77a9-4edb-8c96-eca5a7b829be_zps57faacb6.jpg
This group of entertainers was performing at the center stage area of the Royal Hawaiian Center.

 photo a61aa936-2d15-48c9-bf92-bcc8b98ae036_zps41909e27.jpg
We also stopped so I could get a selfie of the two of us. Trust me when I say we weren't the only ones taking selfies. What a bunch of doofuses, huh? ;-)

We then decided to leave the Waikiki area and head to Ala Moana Shopping Center to spend some time here:
 photo 7e026894-9a58-4504-b71f-8847adc67d86_zpsf5e2ec2d.jpg
Yeah, we really like to par-tay. :-)

And that, folks, was our two-part anniversary celebration.


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