Wednesday, November 26, 2014

For Wintry Weather

 photo cb1346b1-e84d-40bd-92d6-83d5ba029f69_zps71970bc8.jpg

Because unseasonably cold weather makes me do silly things like combine pumpkins, leaves and pine cones, with Christmas ornaments. Yup. "Thanksmas" in still life.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For Turkeys

Meet Tom Turkey.

 photo 11144b8d-995e-4dd2-b8a5-d2e1f70423b3_zps141b501e.jpg
He didn't want to be eaten on Thanksgiving Day, so Just Son's teacher assigned him the task of finding a good disguise for our feathered friend. And what better disguise than as Santa? After all, "no one eats Santa." ;-)

 photo c22d23fe-86f2-43b7-9c81-4de8c6207c91_zps8b5ef452.jpg
So I gathered up some supplies that I thought JS would need. No, he didn't need the cars, but they were used, as you'll see a little later in this post.

 photo 56b6e1eb-f785-4b49-8d08-2b14b497deb5_zps802d86a3.jpg
And then I made a photocopy of Tom Turkey so I could cut a piece of red felt to fit his body for the Santa suit. I may be able to paint somewhat OK freehand, but I'm terrible when it comes to doing the same with scissors. ;-)

 photo 357646dc-252a-4594-b3cc-ccb70b4a6ba1_zpsdf146d75.jpg
After gluing the felt suit on to the page for JS, he took over the decorating part of the project. He used a red marker to disguise the feathers as Santa's sack, and brown colored pencil to tan Tom Turkey just a little without the use of an oven. ;-)

 photo b5e93239-56b2-405f-8d36-8b1213ab7831_zps08c6efb6.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen... Now comes the part in which you take a miniature Santa hat and place it on a miniature car. Just because.

When you're done playing with the car and the Santa hat, glue the hat and some cotton balls to the turkey.

 photo 5f60daa3-59ed-40e3-ba59-b12a2426e72c_zps78dc2f0a.jpg
 You might also want to add some stickers and draw a belt on the turkey ... er ... Santa. 

 photo e7c5bfac-f170-4838-ad9c-c4932aa3d817_zps03931c64.jpg
"Mom, Santa needs a red nose!"

Yes, he does. And what better nose than one made of a random red fluffy yarn ball? Yeah, he looked like a clown disguised as Santa, but he didn't look like a turkey anymore. ;-)

 photo da1a7154-5a5a-4251-a565-86a91254ce7d_zpsa11a55fd.jpg

The final touch was the sentences JS had to write about Tom Turkey. In case you can't read it, it says: "Tom Turkey is dressed as Santa for Christmas. He had help from his reindeer friend."

Thank you, Tom Turkey.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

For Elf Feet

I thought I was done pretending to be an "artist" after barely surviving my first venture in painting freehand earlier this year, But then, I saw some elf feet.

These elf feet, to be more specific:

 photo 2edfefd1-3877-446f-b2c3-ff264118b09e_zpscd41621e.jpg

And after seeing those elf feet, I knew they just had to be in my house. No question about it. So off I went to the "wine and canvas" event Friday night with a friend.

 photo 3937d009-a50b-47f0-bd76-efdb8b0e407b_zps88395c84.jpg
Proving that some things never change, I froze in terror when I saw the blank canvas and these brushes laid out waiting for me. But instead of just staring at those tools for three minutes, I think my panic lasted only two minutes this time. Hey! It's an improvement. 

 photo d181221b-a1f8-4d01-b8d2-1a855421f6a7_zps54417e08.jpg
We started by sketching out where the elf legs would go on the canvas, and then we mixed some colors until we got a background that kind of looked like the Grinch had left his mark.

 photo a5a96890-c76e-4e67-86fe-8db5402e7b9d_zps273e7a4f.jpg
Then came the Where's Waldo pants, ....

 photo 4784bc4d-1d74-48f6-a5e9-8694d2651e19_zps32e8e13b.jpg

... followed by the elf feet and some final details, including some swirls, stars and dots. No photos of those because I really had to focus. I mean, really, really, REALLY had to focus.

 photo 103c7c12-2cb7-46bc-a82e-8bf229cf0285_zpsc48e6688.jpg
Me, relieved when it was finally done.

You might be wondering why I didn't paint any words on my canvas. Well, quite honestly, I didn't think it needed any. (OK, I was too chicken to write on it. ;-) )

 photo d7e0125d-0943-4b80-ab9c-7115de36d3e6_zps57bf1007.jpg
Thank you, elf feet!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

For A Break In The Weather

We were under a Winter Weather Advisory Saturday, meaning it was very snowy and windy. That, of course, makes travel very dangerous. So instead of having a mother-son day at a children's museum, like we had planned to do since Just Dad was at a conference, we stayed indoors and watched Christmas movies. Lots and lots of Christmas movies while lots and lots of snow kept falling. ;-)

 photo 0081b4b5-e010-456d-903f-89140442e1c4_zpsba5ba14e.jpg

Sunday morning was bright and sunny, but the forecast also called for windy conditions with blowing snow by late afternoon. Both JS and I were ready to head out of the house, so we took advantage of the break in the weather and drove to the nearby state park. The following are some random photos I took.

 photo 81cb7aa9-8445-483d-be83-5298acc5de61_zps299cd292.jpg

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! ....

 photo 3c5c5027-c021-4b70-935c-cbcc1c6440ed_zps78447ba5.jpg

This part of the state park is barely recognizable as the area of which I took a photo last month, now that it's covered in snow.

 photo 25bde9cd-641d-4f92-9daa-606a8a683ef8_zps8a1b9e45.jpg


Yeah, it was quite a bit of snow.

 photo 0ac862f0-6868-4a66-9464-2ca2d91e04ed_zps5090c9e7.jpg

And if this is our Fall, I don't think I want to know what Winter will look like...


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Saturday, November 15, 2014

For A Head Start

 photo 983cf671-acb3-463a-97c2-cf22d29ebed6_zpse8b96a99.jpg

I decided to make the most of our early Winter by decorating for Christmas. Mid-November may seem too early to start thinking about snowmen, Santas and all things red and green, but it's really not. My in-laws are visiting (Just Dad's parents, plus one of his brothers and his wife, and my mother-in-law's cousin), and I have way too much to do between now and ... well, Christmas day. Getting a head start is a very good thing if I want as stress-free an Advent and Christmas season as possible.

I say, bring on Thanksmas!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For That Face

Yes, this face:

 photo a657cbcd-50ce-4906-aa35-a4bcd6c9445d_zpse0d3e543.jpg

Because without that toothless, smiling face that seems to be defiantly catching snow and ice on its tongue...

... I would have absolutely no sense of humor about waking up to temperatures like this:

 photo d3fc2926-9e7b-438a-ab03-aa1988f44cb0_zps38ac171e.jpg

OK, Winter. Bring it on.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

For Revisiting School Art Projects

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2011, Just Son created this pumpkin masterpiece as a school art project.


I loved the way his teacher had him use tissue paper to add more color and texture to a simple mini pumpkin. That pumpkin stayed on display through Christmas that year, but it eventually had to go out with the trash.

Friday, JS (and his teachers) surprised me when he brought this home:

 photo 82982bd1-b0e1-48c6-9363-2de59d1a0e05_zpsa48dd986.jpg

It also will be staying out through Christmas.

Gotta love it when art projects are revisited. :-)

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

For One Heckuva Week

(Or... How to Make Time Slow Down A Little)

Am I the only one who has a hard time believing that Halloween weekend was only one week ago? My schedule has been filled with so many appointments, meetings, practices and events that there are times I swear a month has passed by since the last trick-or-treater rang our doorbell. And although I would much rather be busy than bored, I must admit that it's nice just to have a moment to breathe.

 photo b06067b3-bd03-42c9-9680-cc352ee739d4_zps61750ad0.jpg

November kicked off with the Seventh Annual Tour of Tables fundraiser, hosted by the local Domestic Violence Network. This was the second year the women's group at church participated in the event. Each wrapped box in the center of our "tablescape" represents an organization we support financially or through volunteer time.

 photo 66b811cb-9315-48a4-8c27-8dc1ae5d7fe4_zps3a3b5beb.jpg

Purple and gold were the main colors because those are the official colors of the national Catholic Daughters of the Americas, our group.

 photo ac351244-c651-4492-80f2-38bb81101787_zpsa169bcd5.jpg

One guess what we did on Tuesday. ;-)

 photo 640d80e4-9e75-43fd-9d67-2f588f4a17b5_zpsf7cd04b6.jpg

Just Son wasn't the only one who got a sticker for voting. :-)

 photo d7111cbf-85ed-4035-a22a-9f5ded6119ab_zpsed168775.jpg

After some arm-twisting *wink, wink*, I decided to join my friends in attending a fundraising dinner/auction/dance held by our parish's school Friday night. I really wasn't planning on attending because I had already been gone two evenings during the week due to a choir practice and a meeting. But the hubby said, "Go!" And so, I did. ;-)

 photo 2158acd8-4427-4a5b-bfaf-f0d5281c0463_zps2d9b8ab7.jpg

Saturday night, I attended a concert. By myself. Again. And it was fun. Again. JS and my hubby would have gone with me, but they decided to have another night to themselves.

Which brings us to Sunday's one-on-one game with JS after church.
 photo 6196c64d-5df3-4db7-a118-f3fefa163203_zps15f94bfe.jpg

Never mind that we were in a dusty garage, wearing our parkas because of chilly temps, and using what is definitely not a basketball. The kiddo and I had fun.

This next week will probably speed by quickly. Oh yes, I plan to nap. ;-)

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Monday, November 3, 2014

For At Least One More Halloween

Just Son had me worried a couple of months ago when he said he'd rather stay home Halloween night than go beg for candy. I wasn't worried because I had already ordered his costume. I was worried because I feared he reached that age when trick-or-treating ceases to be "cool." I feared he was leaving his childhood behind him when I wasn't ready for him to do so. But he did change his mind as Halloween approached, and I'm so thankful that I got at least one more Halloween with him.

So without further ado, here are some photos from Halloween 2014:

 photo 594e82ac-49cc-447e-85e6-852efe42322c_zps5136af15.jpg
JS made this bat/pumpkin ("bumpkin"? ;-) ) at school.

 photo 2a30a89a-3b96-40a4-a014-b42ba2ece549_zps4f3d10c8.jpg
JS requested I make "Boo Cups"again this year. The whipped cream ghosts were having a bad hair day. It was cold and windy, after all. ;-)

 photo eb6ba49f-1737-4ee6-a586-e0f4c39971c8_zps4d5ac14e.jpg
I kept this year's stencil as simple as last year's. Actually, the stencils are almost identical. ;-)

 photo 3c720958-55a0-45ae-b8f1-5f37e7fadf8a_zpsd7b32b62.jpg
The "Fall-oween" tree. That's the spider JS made in school last year.

 photo 2891f244-ab34-461a-a4d5-b2a5aca330e2_zps4c2f14a0.jpg
The spooky atmosphere. ;-)

 photo 9317a425-f875-459b-8a88-833951663482_zps7f9859c1.jpg

The front porch.

 photo 0c1ec15f-5589-4905-8144-3e4232973e0d_zpsc45e2584.jpg
The candy.

 photo 33432538-0e95-4099-b885-550d8816ebe1_zps2b96f070.jpg

The cats trying to figure out why people kept coming to our door.

 photo 257b3966-2549-4ab9-9521-05c79a0574de_zps4f13aed6.jpg

And, of course, the kid ... er ... I mean, Capt. Kirk.

Hooray for having at least one more Halloween!

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